Desktop Transformation Considerations

By: Barb Goldworm, Founder, President and Chief Analyst at Focus LLC

Planning for your transformation efforts is critical to the success of the entire project, and this planning should start with considering who your users are, what they do currently, and what they will need going forward. The following considerations are a starting point for understanding all the requirements of all your users:

  • What are the various use cases that exist within your user base? What percentage of your user base fits in each type?
  • Which desktop operating systems and applications are used by which users today and in the future?
  • What devices are being used to access corporate applications?
  • What network connections are being used to access corporate applications?
  • Who owns the PCs and other devices accessing corporate applications?
  • What is the Windows upgrade status/plan (for Windows 7, Windows 8)?
  • Which, if any, users have offline requirements and for which applications?
  • What are the performance requirements for various users and applications
  • What type of graphics capabilities do various users require?

You should add your specific additional considerations, based on your knowledge of your users. The combined list then provides a foundation for building your desktop transformation strategy, including how to select the right types of technologies to implement, and the best combination of vendors to deliver those technologies.

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