Progressive Insurance Achieves a Lean and Highly Repeatable Packaging Process

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the insurance industry, and finding new and affordable insurance solutions. Progressive Insurance approaches insurance in an innovative way and makes it easy to understand, buy and use auto insurance. Progressive offers choices so consumers can reach it whenever, wherever and however it’s most convenient.

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Progressive Insurance has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the insurance industry, and finding new and affordable insurance solutions. Known for their excellent service and operational innovation, Progressive has grown to be a leading auto insurer in the United States, serving over 10 million customers. In order for Progressive to stay ahead of their competition, they offer customers the products and services they want, when they want them.

Progressive understands the competitive value of technology to remain agile and move forward, and considers new software often to advance their business. Any employee can make a request for a new application to do their jobs or improve productivity. Each request is routed to a portfolio subject matter expert for evaluation and approval, and then through a security review to ensure it has no software vulnerablitieis that could introduce unnecessary risks. After approval, the request moves to purchasing and contract negotiations, and once procured, is delivered to the software asset management team (SAM) to catalog, and record the SKU, contract and maintenance data. The SAM team then completes a Flexera Workflow Manager request that contains the source media, license keys, documentation, and everything the End User Computing team needs to successfully prepare the applications for their software deployment tools.

Steve Costell is a lead Systems Engineer in the End User Computing group, and he and his team handle application packaging requests for both desktop and server software. “Workflow Manager has been used by Progressive for years to track and report on our application packaging, testing, and deployment. Workflow Manager is a key piece of our packaging process that provides our managers information about the throughput of their resources and the time it takes to complete work.” Prior to implementing Workflow Manager, they used five different systems to track the progress of packaging and that meant that data was often suspect because not everything was documented in the same way or even in the same system.

The team also uses AdminStudio to capture package installs, create transforms, edit MSIs, and remediate compatibility issues. “AdminStudio provides our application packagers everything they need to deliver quality applications, AdminStudio is more than just a “packaging tool”, it’s a complete solution capable of handling the challenges of managing our 1,700 packaged software titles.”  “Additionally, we leverage the virtualization readiness tests in AdminStudio to help identify the best candidates for application virtualization. Upon completion of our Configuration Manager 2012 migration we expect to deploy more App-V packages with more frequency” reports Steve.

Progressive is now more flexible with their resources, can measure each request and track the status of each packaging job. They also store all documentation and team knowledge around the packaging process in a single place that enables Progressive to balance workloads between team members, and allows new resources to pick up the job and know exactly where the packaging job is in the process and what needs to happen next.

AdminStudio has increased operational efficiency, reduced the cost of deploying applications, and enabled the End User Computing Group to respond quickly to changing business priorities and improve
the quality of service they deliver to the business.


To learn more about AdminStudio, contact us, or download the AdminStudio Suite 2016 Free Trial 


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