Application Readiness Best Practices: Security and Software Deployment

Packaging, deploying and managing software across an increasing number of employee devices is hard enough let alone worrying about security vulnerabilities. We recently had the opportunity to work with Adam the Automator, A.K.A Adam Bertram on a webinar on the topic of security vulnerabilities and software deployment.  Here is a link to the webinar recording

Adam is a Microsoft Powershell MVP, a 2015 PowerShell Hero, an author, presenter, trainer and technology writer for both print and online tech publications.  We talked about how security is an increasingly important topic for end user computing professionals.  Protecting enterprises against cyber security attacks requires a collaborative effort between ITSM, operation, and security teams to monitor and quickly patch applications across devices and in enterprise datacenters.

In this presentation, Adam covers what to look out for, the biggest security patching and compliance pain points, as well as strategies to embed security into an automated Application Readiness process.  

If you are involved in packaging and software deployment in your organization, then be sure to watch Adam as he provides tips from the real world and reviews Application Readiness best practices. 

Watch this webinar if you struggle with any of these pain points:

  • Hundreds of thousands of applications
  • Increasingly complex and heterogeneous environments
  • Vastly different user requirements
  • Hard to get control over inventory
  • Faster releases of updates from vendors
  • Quickly identifying and patching security vulnerability

Security doesn't have to be a manual process. 

Watch this Redmond Tech Advisor webinar featuring Adam the Automator


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