Tips and Tricks: Using AdminStudio to Determine Readiness for Windows 10 Migration by Group

A customer that is working on rolling out Windows 10 across their organization this year posed a couple of questions about reporting.  They were looking to understand which groups were ready for migration and which groups had apps that required further remediation before going live with Windows 10.

Question: Is there a way to have report center display info for ‘actual applications’ as opposed to all the components. Customer tested around 130 applications but in the pie chart there were over 900 components tested and it doesn’t actually represent an accurate percentage of the apps.

This is the view when selected the overall group in test center, it nicely shows all the apps and their consolidated test result.

However in the report center view it reports on all the app components:

Answer: IF those groups are the top level groups (meaning those groups/folders aren’t subfolders inside other groups), then there is an existing Windows Application Compatibility report that separates the results by Top-Level group.

  1. Select the OS Compatibility Group Dashboard.
  2. Click on a Group to see Compatibility Reports for that groups applications.

Otherwise, AdminStudio’s Report Center is extensible in generating custom reports and adding them to the Report Center. More information about this can be found here: Creating Custom Reports

Question: Are there tests that we can disable based on Flexera knowledge of other organizations? How do we fine tune the testing to get more accurate results? As you can see we have a very small amount of green applications in the pie chart above, however we know that there are a number of applications that do function on W10 (we have already been using them in some Alpha and beta tests) these warnings appear to be related to 32bit components while we are doing 64bit testing, so can we disable those tests?

Answer: In the Test Center section of the AdminStudio Application Manager, you can go to Select Tests to Execute and customize which tests are run and which ones are not (as well as provide a blanket process for remediation for rules with Auto Fixes).

The Test Configuration Wizard can automatically select rules that we and our customers believe to be most pertinent for Windows 10 testing, as well as look at any OS Snapshots that have been imported into the Application Catalog.

You can find more info here:

Setting the Compliance Level for Operating System Compatibility and Browser Compatibility Tests

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