Keeping up with Windows Updates is the Best Defense against Attacks targeting vulnerabilities on Microsoft applications

The global ransomware attack that started last week has spread around the world and infected hundreds of companies.  Exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows operating system that Microsoft issued a patch for in March.  This epidemic underscores the need to keep your Windows operating systems up-to-date, but for many organizations the manual processes to migrate to the current version of the OS can consume a lot of IT resources.

Ensuring your corporate legacy applications are compatible with Windows 10 can be time consuming and is often cited as the reason organizations delay moving to the latest Windows release.  Products that help to quickly test application compatibility can help to expedite the move to the latest version of Windows 10.  In addition to testing compatibility, automating as much of the process as possible will make keeping up with Windows less arduous.  Microsoft plans to put out two new Windows 19 feature releases per year which is a stark contrast to the every 3 year cadence they used to follow.  AdminStudio can help automate the testing and roll out of these release to help you keep up with the increased pace from Microsoft.

Unbelievably, some companies are still running Windows XP, an operating system that went end of life in April 2014, over three years ago.  According to NetMarketShare, over 7% of the world’s desktop Operating Systems are still running this vulnerable version of Windows.  The impact of this means that over 7% of systems connecting to the Internet will remain vulnerable to WannaCry.  In a highly unusual move Microsoft released a security patch for the ancient system and if you are running Windows XP you should download the Windows XP patch and install it now.

Moving to a modern Operating System, like Microsoft Windows 10, can be a daunting task if you do not plan accordingly, but Flexera can help reduce the pain and automate much of the process.

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