Now Available: RightScale Cloud Analytics in Public Beta

Getting a handle on your cloud costs can be difficult. Whether you are using public clouds, private clouds, or virtualized environments, breaking down your cloud usage and costs is complicated. RightScale knows this from seven years of personal experience running on the cloud as our infrastructure and costs continue to grow. We found that our customers were facing the same issues, so we decided to create RightScale Cloud Analytics.  

The new RightScale Cloud Analytics solution enables you to visualize, forecast, and optimize costs across your entire portfolio of public and private clouds. The end result is reduced cloud costs and more accurate cloud budgets. RightScale Cloud Analytics is now available as a free public beta release.

  • Manage costs for all the major public and private clouds that RightScale supports, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, VMware vSphere, OpenStack, CloudStack, and more.
  • Discover insights on your cloud usage with powerful Analyze capabilities.
  • Forecast your future cloud costs using our Scenario Builder simulator.
  • Optimize costs by comparing costs for different instance sizes, reserved instances or alternate clouds.
  • Avoid surprises on your cloud bill by monitoring usage with Scheduled Reports for any slice of your cloud costs.


“RightScale Cloud Analytics promises to help us quickly understand our current cloud usage, accurately forecast and optimize our future cloud spend, and identify and eliminate undesirable costs. The combination of Cloud Analytics with RightScale Cloud Management promises to be a game changer — Cloud Analytics will enable us to close the loop and take action on the insights we gain.”

Scott Mills, Principal IT Infrastructure Engineer at Progress Software


A Quick Tour of Cloud Analytics

If you are new to RightScale, start by connecting to each account you want to analyze.

Once your clouds are connected, start with the Cloud Analytics Dashboard for an overview of instance usage and costs as well as a breakdown by application, instance type and clouds.

The Cloud Analytics Dashboard gives you instant visibility into the number of instances you are using and their associated costs.

Next, click Analyze in the navigation bar to slice and dice by any factor and discover exactly how resources are being used.

With the Analyze feature, you can drill down by various criteria to get more specfiic details, including how resources are being used and by whom.

With a handle on your current spend, now you are ready to plan for the future. How much should you budget for cloud spend next month or next year as you grow? Could you reduce costs if you used different instance types or clouds? Does it make sense to purchase Reserved Instances? Answer these question with Scenario Builder.

With the Scenario Builder, you can model various scenarios to determine future cloud costs.

RightScale Cloud Analytics is the first cloud cost management tool to provide sophisticated forecasting along with historical analysis of cloud spend across a wide range of public and private clouds.

Sign up for a Cloud Analytics free trial today and let us know what you think.