AWS i2 Instances: Now Supported by RightScale

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Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) released a new i2 instance type, and we provided immediate support for it in the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform. The i2 instance was designed to host I/O intensive workloads typically generated by NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and MongoDB as well as workloads generated by relational databases and transactional systems.

To support our own RightScale globally distributed datastore, the RightScale OPS team can’t wait to move our Cassandra clusters to the new i2 instances because lightning-fast local I/O is just the ticket we’ve been waiting for.

The new AWS i2 instances require that you support hardware-assisted virtual machines (HVM). RightScale currently supports HVMs through the latest RightImages™:

However, any HVM-based RightImage will work with the new AWS i2 instances.

For guidance on launching i2 instances in RightScale, contact us.