RightScale Product Updates: Enhanced Identity Access Management, Support for AWS Canada Central and UK London Regions and More

RightScale Product Update Jan 2015
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Our February product updates include new functionality in RightScale: We’ve introduced a new Governance module from which all enhanced identity access management (IAM) features will now be accessible. The module incorporates new IAM features to provide more control over users’ permissions.


  • Enhanced Identity Access Management (IAM): With our latest release we have introduced a new Governance module from which all IAM features will now be accessible. The module incorporates new features to give enterprise managers and admins more control over their users’ permissions. Key features include:
    • Organizations: Group your RightScale accounts in a new way that better provides visibility and control of your accounts and users.
    • Groups: Organize users into Groups based on your organizational needs or other criteria and assign specific roles to the Groups.
    • Role Inheritance: Grant roles at the Organization level that will be inherited by all accounts belonging to that Organization.
    • Audit Entries: Gain visibility into which users are making changes to your cloud resources.

Log in to your account now to use the new IAM features features or read the documentation.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Support for new AWS regions: AWS Canada Central and AWS UK London regions are now available in Cloud Management. See the instructions for adding these new regions to your account.
  • Set custom admin usernames for Windows instances: Now you can set a custom admin username for Windows instances on Azure Resource Manager (ARM). You can find the new field in the server launch section of the dashboard and in the API.
  • Install-at-boot support for Windows on Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Google Compute Engine, and AWS: We’ve enabled easier installation of the RightLink10 agent on your ARM, Google Compute Engine, and AWS servers with install-at-boot functionality. Follow the install-at-boot instructions and note that this functionality requires RightLink v10.6.0 or later.

Cloud Management

  • New audit entries: Now when you make a change to the pricing type setting or state setting in a Server Array via the dashboard or API 1.5, a new audit entry will be created. You can find the audit entries in the Audit Entries tab of the affected Server Array.
  • Bug fix for VMware volumes: We fixed a bug that in some cases would prevent VMware volumes from being re-attached once they were detached.


  • Notification emails for aborted/canceled CloudApp launches: Notification emails are now sent when a CloudApp fails if the launch process was aborted or canceled.

New Cloud Resources

  • Cloud Management for MSPs: Watch our latest on-demand webinar to see how managed services providers (MSPs) can automate, optimize, and monetize cloud services with a cloud management platform (CMP).
  • RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report: DevOps Trends: Get an in-depth analysis on the latest DevOps trends in this comprehensive report from RightScale that examines the survey results from more than 1,000 IT professionals.
  • How to Find and Fix Waste to Optimize Your Cloud Spend: In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to optimize your cloud spend by uncovering the 30 percent or more that you are wasting by eliminating unused, underutilized, and old cloud resources.


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