The Importance of Inventory

The importance of inventory
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In 2013, half the companies in a Gartner survey said they’d undergone at least one software vendor audit in the previous year, and four percent said they’d fielded an astonishing ten or more. As vendors ramp up the frequency of audits, most companies can now expect at least one in the next year — each one requiring an average of 1,000 person-hours of preparation.

That’s a massive drain on resources. But what if you could make audit prep faster and more efficient?

It’s possible to ensure that every software license you’ve purchased is in use, and to purchase each of those licenses at optimized value based on vendors’ bundles and associated usage rights. However, it’s only possible when a company knows what it has. And most companies don’t.

Your company might have limited visibility into the IT environment by using one or more costly discovery tools, each of which finds specific, limited information about particular IT assets. Some of the results might overlap, while other assets might go undiscovered unless you also deploy a broader but less sophisticated discovery tool.

To create an inventory that answers even simple Software Asset Management (SAM), you need a way to aggregate all the data from multiple discovery tools. You need to be able to identify and remove duplicate and irrelevant records in order to generate a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date list of IT assets that proves exactly what you own. And you need to do it quickly, before your next audit request arrives.

BDNA’s new webinar, “Deploy an IT Asset Management Program in Less than 30 Days,” explains how to create a comprehensive IT inventory in less than a month and use it to slash the time needed to prepare for vendor audits. You’ll also learn other ways to leverage your inventory, such as:

  • planning equipment refreshes and upgrades
  • preparing for disposal of old hardware and software
  • rationalizing and standardizing software across the enterprise

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