Top 3 Goals for IT Asset Management in 2016

ITAM Survey Blog

The IAITAM Practitioner Survey was recently released with nearly 500 respondents who are intimately involved with the management and practice of IT Asset Management (ITAM).  It was no surprise that software license compliance continues to be top of mind for ITAM practitioners.

Sponsored by the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) , the survey found the top three goals for ITAM practitioners in 2016 and beyond were:

  1. Improving software license compliance (77.7 percent)
  2. Increased inventory accuracy/control (71.9 percent)
  3. Improving processes within the ITAM area of responsibility (63 percent)

It is no surprise that software license compliance continues to be at the top of mind for ITAM practitioners because cost-control efforts are the number one priority for most IT organizations. Data continues to grow, while budgets remain flat.

Improving software license compliance enables organizations to improve their vendor contract negotiations. Optimizing licensing and maximizing upgrade entitlements can lend itself to substantial cost savings for an organization.

It is no wonder software license compliance is key among ITAM practitioners. What better way to get recognized for your efforts?