Which Superhero Are You?

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Superman is known for his super-human strength. Spiderman is known not only for his super-human strength, but his reflexes, balance, and “spider-sense”. IT asset managers can be compared to Spiderman because of the multitude of solutions they provide to an organization.

Which superhero are you? The 15th IAITAM Spring Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) kicks off May 2-4 in Henderson, Nev., where ITAM superheroes will converge. ITAM superheroes have the ability to deflect vendor audits, enable better compliance, control IT spend, and more.

The comprehensive view of IT assets is the core to enabling so much more than harnessing inventory data and enabling vigilance on IT spend. Organizations are starting to recognize the value of ITAM beyond asset management.

IT assets provide the mechanisms to collect, expose, edit and store your data. Fundamentally, an organization’s data lives within the realms of IT assets. At the very core of protecting an organization’s data, the first step is protecting your assets in which the data lives.

With the right set of tools, protection of assets can extend to protecting your organization from cyberattacks by minimizing security vulnerabilities. For example, software that has reached its end-of-life (EOL) or end-of-support (EOS) can pose cybersecurity risks for hackers to infiltrate an organization’s data. Asset managers can be one of the first defenders of data security, a trend that is quickly becoming apparent among industry insiders.

Successful IT asset management depends on good data. The top thing to do at the 15th IAITAM Spring ACE would be to attend a session, “Winning with Confidence in Your Data – Lessons Learned While Eliminating the Dirty Work,” with Tom Bosch from BDNA and Maxine Barnes from Ahold Delhaize Retail Business Services. The session can provide valuable insights into becoming the next superhero in your organization.