Software Licensing Management Report Indicates Software Audits on the Rise

According to a new software licensing management report (paid subscription required to access) issued by Gartner Group, software audits are on the rise.  Specifically, 61% of Gartner's survey recipients have been audited by at least one software vendor in the past year – the highest percentage of any comparable survey and up from 54% in 2009.  Gartner sites a number of reasons for the increase, including a lack of investment in IT asset management programs, opportunism, complexity, systems, and lack of internal communications.

This report likely comes as no great surprise to readers, who have experienced firsthand the pain of going through a software audit.  But it also shines a spotlight on the B2B software vendors themselves.  Are customers satisfied with the very software products whose software licensing provisions are being enforced with unprecedented tenacity?  To what extent should software vendors take partial responsibility for the noncompliance of their users?

In this compelling video, Jim Geisman, Principal and Founder of Software Pricing Partners, takes on these topics and more.  Jim discusses how consumer applications are changing the expectations business users have of their B2B applications, what customers want from their mobile applications, and how they feel about the rise in software license audits and the service levels they receive from their B2B software vendors.

View Jim's perspective on software license audits.

Software License Audits on the Rise

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