SoftSummit 2011 Software Licensing Conference News and Twitter Chatter

SoftSummit is the industry's leading event for application producers, who come together once a year to discuss and share knowledge about software licensing, entitlement management, software delivery and enforcement.  More than 200  licensing and business professionals converged in San Jose for two days of educational sessions, networking and fun. It was also the venue for some exciting announcements from Flexera.

Weren't able to come to SoftSummit this year? Here's a sampling of what you missed:

2011 Key Trends in Software Pricing & Licensing Survey Reveals Continued Momentum Towards Virtualization and the Cloud — and Challenges
Flexera, the leading provider of Application Usage Management solutions for application producers and enterprises, announced today at the SoftSummit Conference in San Jose, results from the 2011 Software Pricing and Licensing Survey, the seventh annual assessment of key issues and trends on the minds of software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers, and enterprise IT executives and managers. Read more.

Flexera Announces Industry's First End-to-End Software Asset Management Strategy Leveraging Software Tags
Flexera, the leading provider of Application Usage Management solutions for application producers and enterprises, today at the SoftSummit Conference in San Jose, unveiled extensive support of the ISO 19770-2 tagging standard to enable a more efficient software asset management and license optimization process. Flexera is the first company to empower enterprises to better manage their software assets by delivering a comprehensive tagging "ecosystem" for the creation and use of ISO 19770-2-compliant software tags established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Read more.

#SoftSummit Twitter Chatter:  

@jca_spehar – 47% of vendors surveyed do not manage customer usage. #softsummit

@annreist – @mizkonary #softsummit 47% vendors surveyed are not monitoring customer usage today

@annreist – @mizkonary survey says today 79% software revenues come from perpetual, 15% subscription, in future subscription will increase #softsummit

@annreist – @mizkonary license not going way but there is a shift from perpetual to subscription #softsummit

@annreist – @mizkonary delivering final keynote remarks at #softsummit results of 2011 software licensing and pricing survey

@tagvault – @mizkonary closing presentation @softsummit. Started with Richard Dreyfus' dramatic reading of the Apple itunes EULA. Quite funny!

@ jca_spehar  – #softsummit Oraya used FNE to allow "overdrafts" that can be configured individually for each device to prevent treatment delays.

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit during due diligence, lots of simple questions are missed, do these should be in play book

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit if licensing integration is done well, no one notices bc customer experience is seamless

@ jca_spehar  – #softsummit Oraya used FNO (device mgt) FNE (entitlement generation & enforcement) combination to meet their business needs.

@annreist – #softsummit modular and simplified SKU structure + certified SWID tags can help with entitlement management and software asset management

@annreist – #softsummit data policy and standards need to be enforced to allow easy reconciliation, certified software ID tags can help

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit having good play book ensures that licensing integration gets visibility during an M&A

@annreist – #softsummit creating the right business model mix, drive growth in traditional, improve margins in new models, optimize business mix

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit 7 phases of software licensing/entitlement life cycle

@annreist – #softsummit Tim Willey, Symantec speaking about just in time licensing, the shift to usage-centric business models

@tagvault – In Tim Willeys presentation at @softsummit. Great job presenting the expansion of entitlement complexity and what's needed to simplify.

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit have a predefined set of actions and best practices for phase of M&A integration for licensing

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit know who your players will be in the event of a licensing integration effort

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit SW licensing policy is clear set of principles approved at executive level & governs entitlement, licensing, compliance tracking

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit 4 strategic steps for successful licensing M&A 1. Know strategy 2. Define SW licensing strategy 3. Know who the team will be

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit competition for resources, integration deadlines, rapid need to consolidate costs, overlay of duplicate roles

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit Licensing integration presents common challenges

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit M&A licensing integration, David Welch from NetApp

@ jca_spehar  – #softsummit FlexNet Publisher key feature was to add virtualization to trusted storage

@annreist – Opportunities in the cloud, user based licensing, keep up with competitors, promises elastic computing #softsummit

@ jca_spehar  – #softsummit EC2 license model allows you to quickly rent or lease out pre-configured software applications by leveraging cloud technology

@annreist – #softsummit CA, Alcatel-Lucent & CollabNet sharing thoughts on the differences between private & public clouds as it relates to licensing

@annreist – #softsummit industry experts sharing thoughts on how the Cloud impacts software licensing

@unitednetworker – Flexera kündigt die branchenweit erst ( #asset #flexera #paketierung #softsummit #Software

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit important to try to plan for future when laying put software entitlement approach

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit thru licensing, new markets open bc smaller customers can now afford to use harmonics products

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit companies can now make new offerings much faster.

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit software allows Harmonic to turn certain options on and off rather than replace hardware. No hardware purchase cycles.

@annreist – #softsummit 37 fields in the software tag…should digitally sign individual elements within the tag

@annreist – #softsummit Software tagging panel discussion with Symantec, Veritag, TagVault & Flexera–19770-2 standard

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit software is a differentiator for NetApp

@jca_spehar – #softsummit 40% of CollabNet customers have moved to the cloud.

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit David Welch from NetApp, Jim Peterman from Tekelec

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit starting entitlement management panel entitled "the Functional convergence of Devices" John Williams from Harmonic

@jca_spehar – #softsummit Limit piracy by collecting data, setting goals and investing in solutions.

@jca_spehar – #softsummit Listening to the compliance and piracy panel discussion and how unintentional piracy can be curbed by vendor management also.

@ jestrada1228 – #softsummit supply chain assessment approach, getting physical and digital supply chain framework established, roadmap created

@annreist – Creating value with pricing…Jim sharing pricing model hierarchy in his #softsummit session

@jestrada1228 – #softsummit important to try to plan for future when laying out software entitlement approach

Next time…highlights from the opening and closing SoftSummit keynote addresses.

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