Top 13 Entitlement and Compliance Management Blog Posts of 2012

After researching the most read Entitlement and Compliance Management: Talking Successful Software blog posts of 2012, we found that the most popular topics were on the subscription economy, software-defined networking, usage-based (pay-as-you-go) licensing, virtualization, software license compliance and SaaS. Not surprising, as all these topics and technologies will most likely continue to dominate the market in 2013.

Top 13 Posts

  1. Don't be Afraid of Subscription License Models
  2. Common Software License Types and Terms
  3. What the Heck is a Token Software License Model?
  4. Software Defined Networking Enables New Software Licensing and Business Models
  5. Usage-Based Licensing without Usage Data – Is it Possible?
  6. Software Licensing – What are the Best License Metrics for a Virtual Machine World?
  7. The Software Industry is Recovering from the Recession
  8. True Pay-As-You-Go Software Licensing Model – Myth or Reality?
  9. What is the ISO-19770-3 Standard and How Will it Make Software License Compliance Easier?
  10. Virtualization is the Biggest Game Changer in Software Licensing in Many Years
  11. The Next Evolution of Software Licensing: Monetization of Usage Data
  12. An Introduction to the ISO/IEC 19770-3 SAM Standard Software Entitlement Tag
  13. SaaS is More Than a Software License Model

What technology played the biggest role your in business in 2012? What topics would you like us to address in 2013?

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    For vendors to form sustainable relationships with customers, they must meet vendor compliance standards, rules that govern a variety of shipping and product issues to simplify the reception and merchandising of a high volume of products from numerous customers.

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