Year in Review: Most Watched, Read and Viewed Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Content of 2012

In keeping with our review of 2012, I also wanted to share with you the Most Watched Videos, the Most Read White Papers and the Most Viewed Webinars. "

Most Watched Videos

  1. Creating "One Avid" with a Unified Software Licensing Framework
  2. InstallShield Uses Tamper Resistant Software Licensing Code to Prevent Piracy and Hacking
  3. Subscription Licensing Helps Transform Business from Hardware to Software-Centric
  4. Insights from Citrix: Software Licensing Implications of Virtualization and the Cloud
  5. Software Pricing and Packaging Best Practice Advice from Software Pricing Partners
  6. Software Licensing Implications of Moving Applications to the Cloud

 Most Read White Papers

  1. 2011 Key Trends Software Pricing and Licensing Report**
  2. 10 Reasons to Buy a Software Licensing & Entitlement Management Solution
  3. IDC White Paper—Software Licensing & Entitlement Management: The Next Generation
  4. How to Grow SaaS Revenue, Profits and Market Share with Use-Appropriate Software Licensing and Pricing
  5. Software License Compliance Management: Optimizing Software Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
  6. Ten Steps to Optimizing Your Software Licensing Revenue

** Note the 2012 Key Trends Software Pricing and Licensing Report is now available.

Most Viewed Webinars

  1. 2011 Key Trends in Software Licensing and Pricing and 2012 Predictions
  2. Why Software Publishers are Migrating from Certificates to Activations
  3. Software Licensing and Entitlement Management: The Next Generation—An IDC white paper webcast
  4. Bridging the DevOps Divide by Automating the Handshake between Dev and Ops
  5. Making the Most (Money) with Your SaaS Offering
  6. Creating a Customer-Centric and High-Performance Entitlement Management System


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