A Recap of the Most Popular Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Blogs and Videos of 2013

As we have done every year, we took a look back at 2013 to identify the most read Entitlement and Compliance Management: Talking Successful Software blog posts as well as the top video views of 2013. Here's what we found — the most popular topics continue to be on software licensing compliance, the subscription economy, usage-based (pay-as-you-go) licensing, virtualization, the Internet of Things (Machine-to-Machine) and the cloud. Not surprising, as all these topics and technologies will most likely continue to dominate the market in 2014.

Top 7 Read Blogs of 2013

  1. Common Software License Types and Terms*
  2. Don’t be Afraid of Subscription License Models*
  3. Why Salesforce.com Isn’t Suited for Complex License and Entitlement Management Processes
  4. What the Heck is a Token Software License Model?*
  5. Usage-Based Software Licensing Examples and Patterns
  6. Best Practices for Software Licensing in the World of Machine Virtualization
  7. What Licensing Technology is Most Effective—To Dongle or Not?*

*Interesting to note is that some of the most popular blogs are ones that were posted in 2010 and 2011. The continued interest in these blogs indicates that there is still much education needed around software licensing and compliance models, the subscription economy as well as the cloud and virtualization. We will provide updated content on these topics throughout 2014.

Top 7 Viewed Videos of 2013

  1. Powering Software Licensing and Compliance Management Success
  2. Creating "One Avid" with a Unified Software Licensing Framework
  3. Compliance Management Solution Enables Producers to Support the Full Software Licensing Spectrum
  4. Subscription Licensing Helps Transform Business from Hardware to Software-Centric
  5. Monetizing the Internet of Things with Machine-to-Machine Solutions
  6. Running Business Applications in the Cloud: Creating a Roadmap for Success
  7. Monetize and Enable Device Capabilities with Embedded Software Licensing: A Demonstration

What trends and technology played the biggest role in your business in 2013? What topics, content and guidance would you like us to provide in 2014?

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