Migrating Your Entitlement Management System – Objectives and Best Practices (4 of 4)

Entitlement-management-migrationThe previous blogs of this series discussed migration approaches and best practices for migrating data and managing your project.

In this blog we share insights into our own Flexera project where we are in the process of migrating our Product & License Center to a new version of FlexNet Operations. Today we manage more than 200000 users and more than half a million active entitlements in FlexNet Operations and this number continues to grow. The objectives of this migration include:

Expose more maintenance & subscription information

It is important to provide visibility into expiry dates for maintenance packages and subscriptions in the customer portal. Armed with this information, customers can better manage their budgets and avoid maintenance renewal surprises.

Provide license meter clarity

Most software producers sell products with different license meters – by seat, by endpoint, by user, by gigabytes stored and delivered, by revenue and many others. To provide clarity, we show a “unit of measure” so that customers can see which license meter was used for what entitlement. This will make it easier to manage licenses and stay in compliance.

Increase ease-of-use for license activations

The Flexera Product & License Center supports in-product activation and cloud licensing servers to make the licensing experience as easy as possible.

System-migration-exampleProvide a single touchpoint for all customer services

Flexera provides a customer community portal where customers can access articles, create tickets and submit enhancement suggestions and ideas. The customer community also provides direct access to the Product & Licensing Center. We chose the over time approach for our migration and send customers directly to the right system (using SSO) or provide them with the opportunity to choose if they have entitlements in both the new and the old entitlement management system.

Single self-service touchpoint for user management

Customers will be able to control who, within their own organization, will have the ability to access the customer community as well as licensing and downloads.

Synchronize Product & License Center with entitlements and assets in Salesforce 

Flexera uses Salesforce as order management and support system. In order to validate eligibility of support, we check against Salesforce entitlements and assets. It is important that all entitlement and asset information is always in sync between the order management and the entitlement management system to avoid any issues and guarantee a consistent user experience.

The Flexera migration approach and project management

For our the migration of the Flexera entitlement management system we chose to migrate over time and started with one product line to make sure we provide a flawless end user experience and to mitigate risk. The migration project was led by the Flexera IT department and the stakeholder team included two Senior Vice Presidents and a core team of 15 people. This migration has been a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to streamline our processes and practices. As a result, we work with better data, better synchronization processes and, most importantly, provide our customers with a better end user experience.

When you are starting your migration project, make sure you find the migration approach that is best for your organization, lay out a good plan for the project, build the right team and address critical steps like data migration proactively so that you don’t run into issues when the migration is underway.

What have you experienced when migrating your entitlement management system? Let us know!


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