The Build vs. Buy Dilemma

Why Intelligent Device Manufacturers should Consider a Purpose-built Software Monetization Solution

Software is eating the world and every company is becoming a software company. The Internet of Things is changing our lives and at the core of all this hype is software – the applications that make devices more valuable.

As you contemplate how to protect and maximize the value of this software you’ll be faced with a choice: Should we BUY a Software Monetization solution or should we better BUILD it in-house. In fact, there are many aspects to consider and you will often face different opinions in your project team. Some will argue that a licensing solution can easily be developed by the engineers working on the software product anyway. Others might question the scalability of a homegrown solution and prefer a purpose-built solution as they expect it to be more flexible to be adapted to changing market demands and new monetization models.

The Build vs. Buy eBook for intelligent device manufacturers summarizes the aspects you should consider when making your decision.


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