Flexera Announces New IBM License Management Product

Flexera announced today the immediate availability of a new Software License Optimization product– FlexNet Manager for IBM. This product is part of our FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises solution for optimized software asset management and license compliance. FlexNet Manager for IBM is the latest addition to the list of vendor-specific license management products that also includes: FlexNet Manager for Microsoft, FlexNet Manager for Adobe, FlexNet Manager for Symantec and FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite. Our focus is on providing optimized license management solutions for the key software vendors. All of these vendors are in the top 20 list of software companies by revenue, with IBM coming in second on that list behind Microsoft.

FlexNet Manager for IBM provides automated license reconciliation for IBM DB2, WebSphere Application Server and Tivoli Workflow Scheduler. It supports IBM-related license types including, Processor Value Unit (PVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User, and Floating User and both full capacity and subcapacity licensing.

FlexNet Manager for IBM is built on the FlexNet Manager Platform, which provides core IT asset management and license reconciliation capabilities for more than 11,000 software vendors and 100,000 applications. The new release of the Platform (version 8.5), also available today, provides a number of new capabilities including discovery and inventory of hardware partitions (AIX LPAR, HP-UX nPar, vPar and Solaris Zones technologies).

What other software vendors are on your top 10 list for license management?

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