US Congressman Walsh announces house bill amendment to reduce software spend

On Oct 13, 2011, US Congressman Joseph Walsh (R-IL) announced his successful introduction of an amendment to eliminate wasteful software license spend in the house version of the Department of Homeland Security authorization bill.  Representative Walsh acknowledged in his press release that ‘as much as 35% of software spending could be eliminated through better software assessment management.’

According to Representative Walsh:

“The passage of the amendment to eliminate wasteful software licenses brings us one step closer to cutting unnecessary federal spending and getting the fiscal house back in order.  Like many large corporations, the federal government overbuys software and purchases duplicative software licenses ultimately wasting taxpayer money.  Government leaders should implement policies that private sector organizations are beginning to utilize in order to save money and purchase software more effectively.”

Representative Walsh has clearly articulated a perspective long understood by the private sector – and Flexera customers – that a significant amount of money can be saved when organizations look closely at their software licensing positions, their actual application usage, and commit to optimizing their software asset management processes on a continual basis. 

We’re also pleased to see that the federal government is beginning to recognize that software license optimization is a critical part of the solution to help our country free itself from the crushing grip of our current budgetary crisis.  As Representative Walsh put it:

“American companies continue to make spending cuts and have been forced to tighten their belts during this economic crisis. The federal government is no different, and we need to hold ourselves to the same standards and implement the same strategies. Cutting wasteful software spending is a start to getting our fiscal house in order, and I will continue to fight to ensure taxpayer money is not being wasted.”

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