5 Key Usage Reporting Attributes for Concurrent License Management

By Donna Yobs

In a previous blog we discussed the '5 Key Operational Reporting Requirements for Concurrent License Management'. Another key to continuous license compliance is understanding the historical application usage trends and needs across the enterprise.  Concurrent license usage reporting is about understanding how applications are used— be it underutilized, over-subscribed (denials and engineers waiting to use the software) or business reporting (by geography, business unit or project planning).  These reports have many audiences:

  • Engineering Teams
  • Procurement & Finance Teams
  • CIO / CTO
  • License Managers
  • Project teams

5 Key Attributes of Optimized Usage Reporting

  1. Accurate data source
  2. Continuous flow of data coming in
  3. Strong database system to handle volume of data
  4. Strong business intelligence reporting system
  5. Flexible reporting options
  • Reporting Views
    • Feature
    • Product
    • Business Units
    • Geography
    • Project
  • Reporting outputs
    • XML
    • Graphics
    • PDF
    • HTML

Reporting outcomes

- Compliance

  • Internal Governance   
  • Audits

- Business Planning

  • Procurement Negotiations
  • Vendor Relations

- License Optimization

  • Optimum License Sharing across groups
  • What if analysis on potential license changes

- Business operations

  • Internal Chargeback
  • Project Billback
  • Procurement Spend Planning

Being able to take advantage of reporting at the right level for the right audience and feeding into the right process will aid your organization in gaining optimum control and ROI on your most valuable software assets.


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