Apps are Earthbound for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is making a move to the Cloud and its right around the corner, coming in the first half of 2012.3 Adobe Creative Cloud provides file storage, collaboration, distribution, and a presentation layer to many devices—smart phones, tablets, and computers.

But, it appears that, in the short term at least, the applications will still be run on desktops and now tablets, through Adobe Touch Apps. Adobe Creative Cloud does allow transparency for creating files on a tablet/desktop and then later editing them on another tablet/desktop. The “Cloud” in this context seems to be a website that mostly provides smart file sharing and display.

The subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud provides access to a large array of earthbound applications3 for desktops and tablets including:

  • Desktop applications: Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection
  • New applications: Adobe Edge and Muse
  • Tablet/touch applications: Adobe Collage, Adobe Kuler, Adobe Carousel, Photoshop Touch, Adobe Debut, Adobe Proto, and Adobe Ideas
  • A version of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite
  • A tier of Adobe Business Catalyst

The licensing model is subscription based, as per a recent post3 by David Wadhwani:  “We are excited to announce that membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud will be available in the first half of 2012 at a price of $49.99 per month for individuals and $69.99 per month per seat for workgroups, both for an annual plan.”

You can still purchase the applications without the Cloud bundle. “Each Adobe Touch App will cost U.S. $9.99” 2 with no additional charge to use Adobe Creative Cloud for transferring files4 and Adobe Creative Suite editions will continue to be offered as perpetual licenses.3

While creativity is still earthbound, the current Adobe application bundling is impressive. In the near future, the expectation is that Adobe Creative Suite applications will also be delivered as part of the Cloud service.1 Do you agree that there is a need to serve up the applications from the Cloud?  Comments welcomed.


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