Automating Governance and Compliance Using the ServiceNow Service Portal

App Broker for ServiceNow™ brings the convenience and simplicity of a consumer app store shopping experience to the workplace. Employees can easily request apps from the ServiceNow Service Portal and have their requests automatically and quickly fulfilled. This consumer-style approach reduces risk by maintaining software license compliance continually and proactively to prevent unlicensed and unauthorized software installs.

App Broker for ServiceNow automatically populates and maintains a list of all authorized applications in the ServiceNow Service Catalog. It enhances the ServiceNow software delivery capability by automatically deploying apps to a wide variety of devices through out-of-the-box integration with end point management tools. It also automatically provisions a variety of cloud-based apps. 

Take it up a Notch with Software License Optimization

ServiceNow Asset Management provides a solid framework for implementing a software asset management (SAM) program. However, achieving a high level of software license optimization maturity requires additional capabilities.

App Broker for ServiceNow and FlexNet Manager Suite significantly enhance ServiceNow SAM capabilities with robust software license optimization functionality. FlexNet Manager Suite provides automatic discovery of client and server hardware and software across the enterprise. It captures data on the software installed on each client and server as well as application usage data for desktop/client applications. The raw inventory is transformed into a normalized list of installed software per device with industry-standard naming conventions, using Flexera’s unique Application Recognition Library to recognizes more than 190,000 software titles from over 16,000 publishers. It intelligently identifies which software titles, versions and editions are installed on each device. The normalized application data is populated into the ServiceNow configuration management data base (CMDB) to complement existing data and provide a standardized and reliable list of software for use across all ITSM processes including Problem, Change, Performance and Capacity Management.

App Broker for ServiceNow


App Broker for ServiceNow also uses the Product Use Rights Library to reduce spending and understand the complex, vendor-specific software product licensing terms and conditions from vendors like Microsoft, Adobe®, IBM®, Oracle®, SAP® and Symantec. Rights include:

  • Right of second use
  • Upgrade rights
  • Downgrade rights
  • Nonproduction use rights

Examples of non-production servers include backup, test and training machines. In fulfilling requests, the app store checks whether a license is required and, if so, checks license availability before deploying the app. This ensures license compliance and minimizes the risk of significant and unplanned costs due to software audit true-ups. Moreover, the app store optimizes the use of software licenses to keep costs in check. It maintains license compliance intelligently, ensuring that app requests are fulfilled in the most cost-effective manner.

A frequently encountered use case involves the right of second use. If a user requests an app for a laptop computer that he or she already has installed on a desktop computer, the app store interrogates the Product Use Rights Library and determines that the existing license for the desktop provides the right of second use. Consequently, an additional license is not required for the laptop. The app is then deployed without allocating and incurring the cost of an additional license.

Download the white paper to read more about App Broker for ServiceNow.

Learn more about Flexera solutions for ServiceNow on the ServiceNow eStore.



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