How Greater Visibility of Software Assets is Saving Chicago Public Schools Money

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the third largest school district in the United States. As part of its commitment to expanding technology in classrooms, the District needed to understand their application footprint and identify opportunities to consolidate vendors and save money. They wanted to make informed decisions to reduce new software purchases and negotiate more favorable software vendor contracts.

“The speed and accuracy of transforming Microsoft system center data into actionable inventory give us the information we need to make informed business decisions, this has helped us drive consolidation and save the school district money.”
Paul Valente
Managed Services Support Lead

Paul Valente lead Managed Services Support Lead and his team thought they would identify around 5,000 software titles and versions. CPS fed the raw inventory data collected from Microsoft SCCM into the Flexera solution, including users, machines and site information from Active Directory. A secure cloud based Application Recognition Service automatically categorized and standardized the naming of over 190,000 applications from over 16,000 vendors. The result was a normalized inventory of applications and usage data for their 130,000 Microsoft Windows devices.

Surprisingly the solution had identified over 29,000 different applications and versions, many more than they had previously estimated.

The inventory highlighted the magnitude of application sprawl in the school district, and gave Paul a solid starting point to begin the second phase, meeting with application owners to decide which applications are required and which ones could be consolidated or retired.  Armed with this wealth of information about the applications installed though out the district, Paul also realized that this information was crucial to improving efficiency and accuracy of many other software related business processes including security and procurement.

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