Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote Highlights InstallShield, AppX and UWP: Bridge to the Future

Not one of the lucky ones to attend Build 2016?  Here's your chance to catch the Build 2016 Day 1 Keynote Presentation and hear how Microsoft is working with InstallShield to help software developers create both Windows Installer (MSI) and Modern Desktop Application (AppX) installers for their applications.

During the keynote (0:42:10) Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo announced that the Windows 10 "Anniversary Update" (coming later this summer) will add new capabilities enabling developers of Win32 and .NET desktop applications to convert their Classic Desktop Applications to Modern Desktop Applications (previously known as "Project Centennial"). Modern Desktop Applications will gain access to many Universal Windows Platform capabilities, including AppX installers, live tiles, and the option to be published in the Windows Store.

The InstallShield team is continuing to work with Microsoft to develop a rich set of capabilities to ensure you can easily support your existing installations, while also adding the option to provide your software as a Modern Desktop Application to Windows 10 users.

Watch this blog for the latest announcements on this exciting topic! 


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