Followup on the Secunia Software Inspector Release

By Jakob Balle

Hi everybody,

We just want to update you on the successful release of the Secunia Software Inspector. Over the last half week or so, it's been used by thousands. Hopefully, that's also a whole lot of people who've updated their software to the latest version; a whole lot of people who are significantly more secure than they were before.

From over 400,000 detected applications, the Software Inspector tagged over 35% as insecure versions!

For IE 6.x users, 4.12% were insecure, which is a good sign; most people probably are aware of using Windows updates to get new IE versions.

For Adobe Flash 9.x users, over 53% were running insecure versions; a testament to both the popularity of Flash-based web content, and the lack of awareness on Flash vulnerabilities.

More than one third of Firefox 1.x users (35.47%) were found to be running vulnerable versions; while Opera users were safer, with only 13.04% running vulnerable versions of Opera 9x.

Only 6.8% users were found to run insecure versions of Skype 2.x, the popular VoIP program.

We would like to thank everyone who's sent us positive feedback about the Software Inspector. But I'd also like to remind everyone that we consider this a work in progress, as we would love to receive suggestions and more feedback about it.

For those of you who haven't tried it, you should; thousands of users can't be wrong 😉

At the same time, for those of you who've tried it, and want to use it again on a more regular basis, we do have the "Reminder service" function. Its purpose it to send you an email whenever any of the products that the Software Inspector detects releases an update.

Secunia Software Inspector:

Secunia Software Inspector Statistics:

Best regards,

Jakob Balle
IT Development Manager