Network Software Inspector – BETA Program

By Thomas Kristensen

Last December, Secunia released the Software Inspector, a revolutionary tool that changed the way users all across the globe identified missing security updates.

Since then, over 300,000 inspections has been made using the Software Inspector. Secunia has received hundreds of emails with feedback, feature requests, and suggestions, all of which were thoroughly read and taken note of. Because of these, Secunia is able to finetune and improve the Software Inspector so that it can be a better tool for computer users everywhere.

Now, Secunia is planning to release the Network Software Inspector (NSI) which basically is an expanded version of the Software Inspector geared for scanning on internal corporate networks.

Secunia would like to invite corporate users to BETA test the NSI's capabilities to detect vulnerabilities on their internal network.

The NSI is significantly different from and more accurate than other vulnerability scanning solutions:

  • It can accurately identify more than 4,000 different applications
  • It uses file signatures to inspect applications
  • It correlates the application information with Secunia Advisories
  • It checks for missing security updates
  • It reports end-of-life applications
  • It generates easy to read reports
  • It doesn't rely on inaccurate remote vulnerability testing procedures
  • It inspects hosts via the network*

*) The beta is limited to a total of three hosts.

The NSI, similar to its predecessor the Software Inspector, is also a unique and revolutionary tool – designed for internal networks. In a nutshell, it is an internal vulnerability scanner, auditing tool, and vulnerability information feeder all in one. But that summary doesn't really do it justice. The technology that the NSI uses to do these functions was fully developed by Secunia Research; hence, you won't find that kind of technology in any other product, anywhere else.

The NSI is so accurate that it identifies thousands of applications, down to their distinct version number. Its vulnerability scanning capabilities are so safe that it doesn't need to perform any penetration testing.

Because Secunia received a lot of useful feedback and suggestions for the Software Inspector after its release, we would like to encourage network administrators to sign up as beta testers for the NSI. Their feedback has helped mold the Software Inspector into a more useful, more accurate tool, and we hope the same can be said for the NSI.

"I'm confident that beta testers won't regret having spent their time trying the NSI out. This is a chance to try out what we think is one of the most useful and most distinct products to come to the IT security market in a long time", according to Jakob Balle, Development Manager.

Beta testers will be asked to download the NSI and run it on their PCs. The beta version of the NSI is fully functional, with all features installed. From thereon, beta testers are free to use the NSI to scan for vulnerable software in their internal network. There are no test scenarios, no tedious survey forms, no complex rating system. Secunia prefers to keep beta testing simple: does the NSI function correctly? Is it user-friendly? Is it an effective tool to scan for insecure versions of software in the internal network? Are its vulnerability elimination recommendations accurate?

Beta testing is also recommended for existing Secunia solution customers, as the coming official release of the NSI will be capable of coordinating with the Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence solutions to create a more comprehensive vulnerability map of a network. The NSI can automatically create profiles and add unpatched issues to the Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence solutions.

Users who are interested in signing up as beta testers can go to:

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