Secunia PSI BETA status after 2 months

By Jakob Balle

Hi all,

Today, exactly 2 months ago, we released the Secunia PSI for public BETA testing, it is the latest tool in the Secunia Software Inspector series, built upon our own technology, the Secunia File Signatures.

The response and feedback upon the release has been enormous – we have received more than 2,000 emails with very positive feedback, along the feedback we have received close to 1,500 software suggestions from users who would like the Secunia PSI to monitor even more software.

So far, the feedback and suggestions has resulted in 3 new Secunia PSI BETA releases and more than 1,000 new applications being added to the detection and monitoring list of the Secunia PSI.

Usage Status
Since the release on 24th of July '07, the Secunia PSI has been steadily increasing its distribution.

PSI Installations Completed:

Applications Detected and Categorised:

Despite the fact that the Secunia PSI is a whole new type of IT-security solution for Windows users and it being in BETA testing – the Secunia PSI has achieved the remarkable result of being installed on more than 1 computer every minute on average since its release.

Coverage / Distribution / Affiliates
The media coverage has been significant and extremely helpful in generating awareness on the availability of the Secunia PSI. To date several hundred articles have been authored and published in both off- and on-line medias word wide.

Copies of the Secunia PSI Beta have been included with several large computer magazines such as: PC Welt (DE), Chip (DE), and PC World Australia (EN)

Secunia applauds any and all initiatives to widen the knowledge of vulnerabilities in software. Should you have ideas to how the Secunia PSI could reach an even greater audience, be sure to submit them to us (

Whats Next?
We are currently working towards the final version of the Secunia PSI, version, which we hope to have ready for this years Christmas sale….. Just kidding, the final version of the Secunia PSI will naturally also be available free of charge.

A little bit of shameless selfpromotion of our commercial solution. Do like many other companies – try and buy our corporate edition, the Network Software Inspector.

Should you have any ideas or suggestions to features that could add to the usability, features, or value of the Secunia PSI, then be sure to send it to us:

Best regards,

Jakob Balle, Secunia
IT Development Manager