Secunia NSI 2.0 Final Release – try it for free

By Thomas Kristensen

First of all, Secunia would like to thank everyone who helped in beta testing the Secunia NSI 2.0. The feedback has been tremendous and has truly helped settle the final improvements necessary for a Final Release.

The most important change is the User Interface, which literally got a major overhaul. Certain other parts of the Secunia NSI have also been optimised to improve performance and scalability.

The Secunia NSI works in two steps: first, it scans computers within your network, returning a comprehensive list of all installed software down to their individual version numbers. Then, the Secunia NSI gives you the exact information on what software in which computers are patched, insecure, or end-of-life. All data regarding the NSI results from your network are accessible from a central location, allowing you to view and manage information in one sitting.

The Secunia NSI also presents you with the rating, criticality, description, and solution of the software vulnerabilities that affect the unpatched and end-of-life software, giving you all the information you need to take control of the situation.

If you would like to see and try Secunia NSI 2.0, then you can try it free of charge for 7 days on 3 hosts here:

More importantly, buying the Secunia NSI got a whole lot easier. Secunia has launched an online shop, where the Secunia NSI can be purchased directly. The Secunia PSI on the other hand will remain free of charge for private individuals.

Buy online:

The ability to sell the Secunia NSI online makes it possible to service customers of all sizes all over the world, as well as via resellers and partners. Potential resellers may contact Secunia at

Larger customers who wish to purchase more than 250 licenses can naturally also contact our direct sales department or at +45 7020 5144 and receive more personal support and guidance about how to get the most out of the Secunia NSI.

Please do try the new Secunia NSI – it is free of charge for 7 days on 3 hosts.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments about the Secunia NSI you are most welcome to send it to

Kind regards,

Thomas Kristensen