Secunia PSI makes patching insecure programs easy for all

By Jakob Balle


Its been 4 months since we issued Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) Release Candidate 3 (RC3), we are happy to announce, that as of today, Secunia PSI Release Candidate 4 (RC4) is ready for prime time.

We have scheduled RC4 to be the last Release Candidate of the Secunia PSI before we go "final" (version 1.0).

It has been an exciting journey since the early beginning with the first beta of the Secunia PSI back in 2007. We have received thousands and thousands of feedback emails with praising words and suggestions for the Secunia PSI – I would like to thank all who have helped us evolve the Secunia PSI.

Back in 2007, the idea with the Secunia PSI was basically to:

  • Make it possible for all PC users to secure the programs on their PCs

  • Raise awareness about the need for patching insecure programs

  • Bring software vulnerability reports (which Secunia is famous for) to the end user, in a manner that makes sense and is feasible for all PC users

  • Provide the end users a single point with all relevant security information and patches

With 7 releases of the Secunia PSI, a staggering user base of almost 750,000 users, tons of articles, and users praising the Secunia PSI – we believe we have a pretty good start!

Highlights for this release:

In RC4, we have implemented a new concept – a "Simple" and an "Advanced" user interface. The "Simple" user interface makes it simple for all users to secure programs from security threats, while the "Advanced" interface offers full in-depth technical details about each of the programs found on your PC.

Furthermore, this release increases the focus on security and the security threats posed by each of the insecure programs installed on your PC. The Secunia Advisory criticality rating is shown directly in the Secunia PSI for each of the insecure items found – bringing the power of the Secunia Advisory and Vulnerability Database to the desktop of your PC.

You can read the full changelog for here.

Download Secunia PSI RC4.

Best regards,

Jakob Balle,

IT Development Manager