Secunia PSI 1.0 (Final) has been released

By Niels Henrik Rasmussen

Hi All,

Today it finally arrived: The first official version of the Secunia PSI v1.0!

The PSI has been a long time in the making and it has been revamped quite a bit compared to the first beta version released on a hot summer day some 17 months ago.

Though the PSI so far has been in beta, it has received a huge amount of praising words like these from ZDNet in a review of 10 essential security tools: “Number one is the Secunia Personal Software Inspector, quite possibly the most useful and important free application you can have running on your Windows machine”.

Version 1.0 of the PSI is somewhat more mature and bug free (as far as we know) compared to the first version, which only ran on XP 32bit. Today, it runs on 2000, XP 32/64bit, and Vista 32/64bit.

One new feature made it into the PSI just two weeks ago: The "simple interface". For most of the usual PSI users the simple interface probably won't become popular, however, our goal with the PSI is to (eventually) make all users patch all programs. Many new (not so usual) PSI users requested that the PSI become easier to use, thus we invented a more "straightforward" interface without any "unnecessary" features.

The release of 1.0 is not the only news today: Secunia also launched a forum where PSI users can discuss patching, product updates, exploits, the PSI, and anything else security-related.

Secunia staff will help investigating and answering some of the issues being discussed, other than that, we expect to run the forum as a lightly moderated forum where anything security-related is accepted.

Thus far, the Secunia PSI has helped users patch millions of programs for the almost 800.000 users of the beta versions. On a daily basis thousands of users update their software to fix vulnerabilities based on the PSI results. We hope that the launch of the final version as well as a forum full of helpful users will encourage even more people to secure their systems by patching insecure software.

I would like to thank the almost 800.000 users of the beta versions, our ambitious development team, and the scrutinizing Secunia Research team for their contributions to develop and improve the PSI so that it can help secure us when surfing the net.

Download your Secunia PSI today.

Stay Secure,

Niels Henrik Rasmussen