Improve Your Security with the Secunia PSI

By Jakob Balle


The free Secunia PSI 1.0 has been out for a good 6 months and its been installed on roughly 100,000 PCs every month.

We are proud to announce a new BETA release for the Secunia PSI. This release offers new functionality that will significantly impact how you browse the Internet and how you view and use your Secunia System Score.

Secure Browsing
Secure Browsing is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of online security. If your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) or its plugins (Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, Sun Java, etc.) is vulnerable, then you're exposed to security threats every single time you visit a website. This is a fact that can't be disputed.

A new feature in the Secunia PSI, called "Secure Browsing", is here to help.

We know that keeping track of your installed browsers, browser plugins, and programs that integrate directly with your browser can be very difficult.

The "Secure Browsing" feature tell you what programs and plugins are integrated directly with your browsers – it is extremely important to know that its not just your browser you start up and expose when surfing.

As an additional bonus, the "Secure Browsing" feature also includes information about unpatched vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities where the vendor has yet to react and create a proper solution to a known security problem.

Secunia PSI WorldMap (Are you at 85%, 95%, or 100%?)
The purpose of the Secunia PSI WorldMap is to show you interesting statistics and to encourage you to install the free Secunia PSI (in case you haven't already) and make sure that your Secunia System Score is at 100%, thus increasing the overall score of your local region and country.

Although the Secunia PSI WorldMap most likely won't make your system more secure per se, we're certain you'll find it very interesting to zoom in on your home country.

On a side note, we pulled some additional numbers while creating the Secunia PSI WorldMap – numbers which are quite shocking for non-PSI users, but quite promising for active PSI users.

The average user with the Secunia PSI installed have a Secunia System Score of 95%, whereas the average user without the Secunia PSI installed, have a score of just 85%.

Considering that the average user has a total of 79 programs installed on their PC. This means that the average user, without the Secunia PSI installed, have almost 12 insecure programs on their PC – security threats that can be resolved simply by installing security updates!

On the other hand, the average user with the Secunia PSI installed, has just 4 insecure programs on their PC – while not perfect, a 10% improvement is still significant, especially when the only investment is a small amount of time.

Of course, our interest it to ensure that all users of the Secunia PSI is as close to 100% as possible, which is also why we are putting the Secunia PSI WorldMap online for your viewing pleasure – hopefully teasing you, your friends, and family to ensure a perfect 100% Secunia System Score!

View the Secunia PSI WorldMap:

Ready for Localisation
At the RSA conference in April we announced that the Secunia PSI should be translated into 40 different languages within 3 months.

With this release we have a new translation interface ready, which can facilitate the "mass-translation" of the Secunia PSI.

We are proud to say that translations are ready for our Dutch and Spanish users, thanks to and CSIRT-CV.

If you are interested in translating the Secunia PSI to your native tongue, then please send your contact details to our Secunia PSI Partner Manager, Mikkel Winther (

Download the free Secunia PSI BETA Secunia PSI Latest version:

The full changelog is available here:

We're looking forward to your comments and feedback:

Remember; installing the latest security patches for your programs is just as important (actually it is more important) as having an anti-virus program and using a firewall.

Stay Secure,

Jakob Balle
IT Development Manager