RSA, Kleenex, and New PSI Initiatives

By Mikkel Winther


As some might have noticed Secunia was present at the RSA Conference in San Francisco April 20-24th. Sorry for posting this blog this late after our return to Europe and the office – but the conference was such big a success that all resources were used following up on the contacts, leads, and the many press stories.

For those not knowing about the RSA Conference, it is considered the biggest and most important Security Conference – this year with more than 18,000 participants. For more info please take a look at

The Kleenex Interview
Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO of Secunia was interviewed on the Business aspects of Secunia. The interview ends with Niels Henrik promising to either hand the competitors in the Scanner market (qualys, ncircle and foundstone to mention a few) a Kleenex in three-five years to wipe their eyes when Secunia has outperformed them or using the Kleenex himself:

Secunia to Push the Personal Software Inspector Even Harder
To boost the number of users of the free Personal Software Inspector, Secunia has launched other initiatives recently;

The Secunia PSI Partner Program
Secunia is offering a free Partner program and encourage partners to assist Secunia in helping private users stay secure. When joining the PSI Partner program, you earn the privilege to be part of a global campaign to improve the security of the private PC. Amongst the partners at this time are SANS, CERT institutions and several Universities and the list gets bigger and bigger every day!

For further information and how to apply for membership;

Localisation Into 40 Languages!
Secunia PSI is available in English, Spanish, German, and Danish at the moment. In the next three months it is our ambition to tenfold this number and offer the PSI in 40 languages.

The translation of PSI into Spanish were done by the CSIRT-CV team of the Regional Ministry of Justice and Public Administration in Valencia. More info here;

In Norway NorSIS,, is right now working on translating into Norwegian.

Now Secunia calls on the community to help us making the PSI available in even more languages. The work involved in the translation is estimated to be a days work. Interested parties should contact PSI Partner Manager Mikkel Winther immediately, – +45 3338 7661

Thanks to all the many people that stopped by our booth at the Conference Expo hall, it was great meeting you and we really appreciated the many kudos from our users and customers during the week.

Thanks to the many speakers that mentioned Secunia from the podiums, either acknowledging or quoting Secunias world class Vulnerability Intelligence or by recommending the Secunia Personal Software Inspector as the only tool for private users keeping their PC updated.

Next time Secunia is present at a Conference will be at the Gartner Information Security Summit, 28 June – 1 July 2009, in Washington, DC, and at the 21st Annual FIRST conference in Kyoto, Japan, June 28-July 3.

In the meantime feel free to contact us for information on our solutions and products at For information on partner opportunities, commercial partnerships or the recently announced PSI Partner Program please contact

Mikkel Winther,

PSI Partner Manager