Secunia PSI now also in French, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Norwegian

By Mikkel Winther


Read about all the changes here;

In this Beta release of the Secunia PSI we are proud to offer four new languages; French, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Norwegian.

Thanks to Serge "Sergio" Tellene, who did the fine translation to French. Please note that France has an average Secunia System Score of 94.77% and just about 32,000 users. This can be a lot better and we hope that Sergios translation will add to this.

Thanks to Balzs Nmeth for the good work translating the Secunia PSI into Hungarian. Hungary has an average Secunia System Score of 94% and only 11,000 users. Please bear in mind that the criminals only need one unpatched program to compromise your machine. A score of 94% is even worse than France…

Portuguese (Brazilian);
Vinicius Mello did a great job translating into Portuguese Brazilian. We are working on a translation into Portugal Portuguese and hope to present this soon. Brazil has an average Secunia System Score of 93.96% and 14,000 users (Portugal 6,000 users and 94.9%).Vinicius Mellos work will hopefully bring even more Brazilian users and help them stay secure.

Many thanks to Norsis, who has recommended the Secunia PSI for a long time to the Norwegian Consumers. This has definitely helped Norway to the fine average Secunia System Score of 95.6% and 33,000 users.

Last week we added Dutch to the list of languages and once again thank you to for helping us with this localisation. The Netherlands has an average Secunia System Score of 95.06% and 53,000 users.

In comparison, Denmark score a higher average Secunia System Score of 96%, probably due to the longer period that the Secunia PSI has been available in Danish. Whereas Germany, also a language that has been available for a long time, score a disappointing 93.89%, placing Germany way down the list.

For further information on average Secunia System Scores around the world, number of users, and other interesting figures, take a look at the PSI Worldmap;

Should you have any comments on the translations, please post them in the appropriate section of the Secunia Community Forum. Remember that the translations all are made on a voluntary basis by fellow enthusiasts of the Secunia PSI. They have all done their best with the translation but will welcome your comments:

The preferred language is chosen as part of the installation (and update) of the Secunia PSI. Once installed the language can be changed when the Secunia PSI is in Advanced Mode on the Tab "Settings". (Advanced Mode is chosen in the upper right corner of the program and Simple Mode can be chosen again afterwards without affecting the language setting)

Ongoing translations include:
Greek, Croatian, Russian, and a couple more… But we still need people to help us provide the Secunia PSI to more people around the globe. If you are interested in translating the Secunia PSI to your native tongue, send your contact details to Secunia PSI Partner Manager, Mikkel Winther (

We are eager to localise in Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Arabic, Finnish, Korean, Bulgarian, Albanian, Punjabi, Georgian, Malaysian, Nepalese, Slovenia, Czech, Thai, Swedish, Japanese, Icelandic, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Faroese, and many others.

Stay Secure and remember that installing the latest security patches for your programs is even more important than having an anti-virus program and using a firewall.

Mikkel Winther,

PSI Partner Manager