The Dirty Dozen

By Jakob Balle

You Probably Got A Dirty Dozen.

And it only takes one "dirty" program to compromise your PC – but the bad guys got a dozen shots on average!

It is a disturbing fact that the average PC users, not using the Secunia PSI, has a total of 12 unpatched and thus insecure programs on their PC, as we described in our blog yesterday.

The Math is Simple
Based on statistics from the Secunia PSI we known that users without the Secunia PSI installed only have an average of 85% of their programs patched against the latest security threats. With the average PC user having ~80 programs installed (see our Secunia PSI WorldMap), 15% of 80 = 12 – the dirty dozen.

In yesterdays blog we calculated that in the US alone this means that 2.7 billion unpatched programs are open for attack when users surf, chat, or email. These numbers more or less applies to any other country in the world, the math is simple: 12 * estimated number of Internet users.

Last year we noted that more than 98% of all PC's had 1 or more vulnerable programs, a fact that hasn't changed since.

Test and Protect Your PC
Unpatched programs can lead to silent installations of malicious code simply by visiting a web site, opening a PDF, a movie, or other "innocently" looking file types and content.

If you want to feel safe from drive-by-attacks and when opening email attachments, then you need to get patching now.

Use the free Secunia PSI to test whether you are part of these sad statistics.

Remember that patching is more important than having an Anti-Virus program and a personal firewall.

Stay Secure,

Jakob Balle