Adobe 0-Day: Are you affected?

By Jakob Balle

As highlighted on multiple news sites around the world, the report of a zero-day vulnerability in some very popular Adobe software (Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player) has been published.

According to Adobe, the vulnerability is already being exploited in the wild to compromise users' PCs.

Adobe informs that they plan to release a patch on 30th July, however, until then you're left vulnerable.

Very few articles mention how you can protect yourself and/or determine if you are vulnerable in the first place. It is very likely that you have Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader installed, as statistics from our Secunia PSI shows (see further down), however, rather than relying on chance, why not scan your PC with the free Secunia PSI and verify if you are vulnerable or not?

Scan Your PC – Test and learn if you're affected
We strongly advise Windows users to install our free Secunia PSI, which scans your PC for installed programs and informs you if any the vulnerable Adobe programs are installed!

The Secunia PSI was recently improved with the feature "Secure Browsing" and this case proves the importance and relevance of this feature, which allows you to learn exactly which browsers are on your system and the programs and plugins that may be used by the browser. This allows you to get an aggregated threat rating of your browsers and the programs and plugins it uses.

If you cannot install the Secunia PSI, you will need to manually walk through your installed programs and files to verify which ones you have installed. Hereafter, take the appropriate steps to get your PC out of harms way.

Statistics From the Secunia PSI
To get an idea of the scope of this problem, we have pulled some statistics from a sub-set of existing Secunia PSI users.

The statistics are based on data from precisely 901,612 users and they display the percentage and number of unique users that have the following programs installed:

Adobe Flash Player 10: 92.12% (830,542 users)
Adobe Flash Player 9: 31.11% (280,514 users)

Adobe Reader 9: 47.65% (429,624 users)
Adobe Acrobat 9: 1.74% (15,697 users)

Stay Secure,

Jakob Balle