Congratulations Mozilla

By Thomas Kristensen

Hi All,

It is fantastic to see a software vendor launching a service to help and promote updating third party software.

Here goes a big congratulations to Mozilla for their initiative to help users updating insecure software.

We can only hope that with a player like Mozilla joining the battle to make users update their software, that even more software vendors, ISPs, and others will join to.

Insecure software is currently the greatest risk for all users on the Internet, whether they are private individuals, small businesses, large enterprises, or governments, they ALL run multiple applications and plug-ins on client systems which are vulnerable and offer the bad guys an easy way in.

Unfortunately, way too few users, administrators, C-level executives, regulators, and so on, realise just how much old and insecure software can be attacked through normal legitimate Internet surfing and focus too much on old-school security software which cannot protect against the thousands of attacks using the old and insecure software on PCs.

"Unpatched vulnerabilities are the primary infection method of targeted and mass propagation threats. The best protection for this attack vector is fast, effective patching."Gartner Report, September 2009

But why settle with a updating few plug-ins when you can update practically all?
The only downside with the Mozilla initiative is the lack of scope, the Mozilla Plugin Check only covers very few third party browser plug-ins.

The free-of-charge Secunia PSI detects practically all programs and plug-ins, thus it helps you update all browsers, their plug-ins, as well as your office suite, messaging software, media players, and all other programs.

Nonetheless, it is fantastic to see that other companies join the mission to encourage users to update more than just using Windows Update and updating their browsers.

It is time to battle the bad guys and their malware, it is time to update!

Remember that patching is more important than having an Anti-Virus program and a personal firewall.

Stay secure,