Secunia CSI 3.0 – Final

By Jakob Balle


The Public Beta of the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) 3.0 has ended in accordance with our previously announced release schedule, and the final version of the Secunia CSI 3.0 is now available for download.

A huge thanks goes out to the over 3,000 people who participated in the Secunia CSI 3.0 Public Beta, which compared to last year is extremely great, the public beta of the previous version had 1,600 participants.

The beta has been a great success, and we are very happy that so many have expressed interest in our Secunia CSI technology – and I'm sure that many corporate users, who normally use traditional vulnerability scanners, have had a "wake-up call" as to the amount of insecure programs that are installed across their corporate networks.

The feedback received has been great and we greatly appreciate all the constructive comments and suggestions that you have sent. We have already implemented several improvements and bug fixes based on your comments, as well as added several items to our product roadmap for the next major Secunia CSI release.

"…the underlying technology is great, CSI just needs some extra features to improve usability and value for an enterprise." – Quote from beta tester and community user Brad

The Secunia CSI is a revolutionary scanning tool, with an unprecedented level of accuracy and software coverage. This makes the identification of unpatched and vulnerable programs faster and more reliable than ever before.

"The CSI tool absolutely rocks, I love how you can scan multiple machines, for a bunch of workstations that can be immensely helpful." – Quote from beta tester and community user pengwyn's

The detailed result generated by the Secunia CSI include details about the criticality rating and the impact of the vulnerabilities discovered in your programs. This information makes it easy to conduct a proper risk assessment and initiate the remediation of the vulnerabilities.

This new release of the Secunia CSI is faster and more scalable. The improvements have made it as fast to handle 10,000 hosts as 100 hosts through the new interface and the scanning is more scalable and can be distributed through network aware agents. The full changelog can be found here:

Customers of our Secunia CSI 2.0 can easily upgrade their installations by downloading and installing the Secunia CSI 3.0 – the Secunia CSI 3.0 installer will ensure that the upgrade process runs smoothly:

You are most welcome to try out the Secunia CSI 3.0, you can do so by requesting a trial account:

Kind regards,

Jakob Balle, Secunia
IT Development Manager