Secunia CSI 3.0 – Public Beta

By Jakob Balle


Secunia would like to invite you to try out the new version of the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) by participating in the Secunia CSI 3.0 Public Beta test.

The Secunia CSI is a revolutionary scanning tool, with an unprecedented level of accuracy and program coverage. This makes the identification of unpatched and vulnerable programs faster and more reliable than ever before.

The detailed result, generated by the Secunia CSI, include details about the criticality rating and the impact of the vulnerabilities discovered in your programs. This information makes it easy to conduct a proper risk assessment and initiate the remediation of the vulnerabilities.

This new release of the Secunia CSI is faster and more scalable. The improvements have made it as fast to handle 10,000 hosts as 100 through the new interface and the scanning is more scalable as it can be distributed through network aware agents.

The Public Beta will run for 4 weeks, starting on October 1st and ending October 29th. You can download and register for the beta during the first 3 weeks. The last week will only be accessible if you have already signed up. During the beta period, you will receive a License Key which will give you access to 3 Host Licenses until the 29th October.

Download the Secunia CSI 3.0 Public Beta: ( link is not valid any longer)

All suggestions and comments are most welcome. Do not hesitate to send them to or post them online in our dedicated Community forum.

We are looking forward to receive your feedback.

Kind regards,

Jakob Balle, Secunia
IT Development Manager