2,000,000 Secunia PSI users

By Mikkel Winther

Yesterday the Secunia PSI was installed on system number 2,000,000.

The 2,000,000 users have been achieved on a 0 dollar marketing budget. Only word-of-mouth, articles, endorsements, and the loyal support of the community around the PSI and Secunia has spread the important message about the need for patching.

Patching your programs to protect against criminals exploiting the security related errors which exists in almost all of the programs you are using, have never been more important than now.

During the past 3 years there has been a significant change, in the programs criminals exploit to break in to PC systems. Traditionally, the criminals exploited programs from Microsoft, but now the criminals focus on programs from other vendors as well.

The Secunia PSI help users identify all programs on their PCs and provide easy access to proper solutions (patches and updates) for the programs.

Patching of programs is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent malware and criminals from getting unauthorised access to your PC and network.

At Secunia we are proud to be the only provider of enterprise grade Vulnerability Management and remediation to private users.

Remember that patching is more important than having an Anti-Virus program and a personal firewall.

Stay Secure,

Mikkel Winther
PSI Partner Manager