heise online and Secunia introduces Online Vulnerability scanning for German users

By Mikkel Winther

heise online has partnered with Secunia to offer Vulnerability Scanning to German Internet users. The "Heise Update Check" is the German version of the Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI). The OSI was translated and adapted to German by heise online.

heise online (www.heise.de) is one of the most widely used IT news services in Germany. It is well known for technical expertise, independence and a high degree of reliability. The technical expertise of their editorial team ensures a high standard of journalism. heise Security is perhaps the most important security site in Germany.

"Outdated Software with known vulnerabilities is one of the biggest security problems out there. If you are using an old browser, an old version of Java or Adobe Reader you are an easy target for cyber criminals.

The Update Check on heise Security, presented in association with Secunia, provides a simple way to reinforce your security by discovering common security risks. It also helps you to fix them by upgrading to a current version." Juergen Schmidt, editor-in-chief of heise Security

The OSI is based on the same technology and vulnerability database as Secunia's award-winning Personal Software Inspector (PSI).

Patching is the best way to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure that you are not open to exploits. Patching is more important than having an Anti-Virus program and a personal firewall.

Remember that the criminal needs only one unpatched program – one vulnerability – to compromise your entire system!

Stay Secure,

Mikkel Winther