OVUM 2010 Technology Audit Report of Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI)

By Maria Eriksen Jensen

The Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) has recently been evaluated in a "Technology Audit" by OVUM (part of Datamonitor Group). The report supports the relevance and value of the Secunia CSI by stating that “organizations need to have software protection controls as part of their risk-management strategy” and that these facilities should include “automated vulnerability detection and patch-management deployment to ensure that service delivery is addressed securely and efficiently”. OVUM identifies the CSI as such a solution, as it enables “continuous and on-going security scanning and reporting facilities that help to maintain a consistent security posture”.

The Secunia CSI is complemented by its (1) comprehensiveness (covers programs from more than 2,500 vendors), (2) non-intrusive scanning and inspection approach, (3) scalability to match any organisation's needs, and (4) coverage of both Microsoft and 3d party programs.

Ovum recommends the relevance of the Secunia CSI to companies and organisations within a number of sectors including government, IT, energy, education, and financial services, supported by the “strength of the product's regulatory and associated industry control facilities”.

I encourage you to read the full report, which provides a thorough evaluation of the CSI solution.

The full report can be downloaded from here: OVUM Technology Audit of Secunia CSI.

Kind regards,

Maria Eriksen Jensen