Fundamental end-point security failures: attend the webinar by Frost & Sullivan and Secunia

Secunia has once again joined forces with business innovation, growth and leadership specialist Frost & Sullivan to host the webinar The Fundamental Failures of End-Point Security on Monday 6th December at 16:00 CET.

Security threats from cyber criminals who access systems and data via unpatched end-points are often underestimated. Corporate and private Internet users can easily fall prey to this danger. Chris Rodriguez, Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan, and Stefan Frei, Research Analyst Director for Secunia will present the latest insights on the vulnerability management market; in particular the fundamental failings of end-point security and the need for frequent patching to keep programs up-to-date.

With information from millions of Secunia PSI users and a research team that is tasked with securing software and fighting the exploitation of vulnerabilities, Secunia's expertise in this field is second to none. As Chris Rodriguez of Frost & Sullivan explains: "Secunia has set the premier example for responsible and secure disclosure and research practices."

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