Secunia Security Factsheets Q4 2010

By Stefan Frei

The Secunia Security Factsheets for Q4 2010 have now been launched, providing essential security information about how the latest vulnerability threats have evolved so that you can spot new trends early and take remedial action. The factsheets are available for free here.

What are they?

Relevant security information has historically been difficult to obtain, therefore we have created our quarterly security factsheets based on information extracted from Secunia's Vulnerability Intelligence database and analysis of Secunia research. Instead of presenting simple vulnerability counts, our factsheets go the extra mile; providing important security information and analysis per product type and number of vulnerabilities, paired with information about software vendors' abilities to roll out security patches.

In each standardised, scheduled document you can view the following key security parameters with a year-on-year (YoY) comparison:

  • The number of advisories and vulnerabilities of the two recent 12 month periods
  • Breakdown by vulnerability attack vector and vulnerability criticality in # of Secunia Advisories
  • Classification of the impact of successful exploitation on the affected system Solution status (patched/unpatched) on the day of the Secunia Advisories disclosure
  • Information of the distribution of the time-to-patch, e.g. how many patches were released more than a given number of days after the disclosure of the vulnerability
  • Historic evolution of Secunia Advisories and vulnerabilities for the last five years, including an extrapolation for the current year

The number of products covered will increase over time, based on customer and community feedback. We hope that you find our factsheets a valuable resource.

Stay Secure.

Stefan Frei
Research Analyst Director, Secunia