Deloitte Reports: Cybercrime & Security

By Maria Eriksen Jensen

Deloitte has recently published two extremely insightful reports into cybercrime and the future of security. Not only are they highly informative, they are also a great read, providing a unique snapshot of the cyber risk landscape.

In the Deloitte Report The Future of Security: Evolve or die, software vulnerabilities are identified as a security risk area alongside social media, mobile devices, cloud computing, and access management. Deloitte states: “No antivirus or firewall can guarantee protection. Collectively, attackers have almost unlimited time, skills, and resources to devote to creating and exploiting vulnerabilities.”(1)

Data is undoubtedly a valuable commodity. The Deloitte Report Cyber crime: A clear and present danger – conducted in collaboration with CSO Magazine, the U.S. Secret Service, and the CERT Coordination Center – even states that “Data is more valuable than money.”(2) As the cybercrime threat evolves, the IT security ecosystem needs to adapt accordingly. This requires that organisational approaches also evolve and adapt to defend themselves against accelerated threats.

What can be done? According to Deloitte, “Combating cyber crime requires commitment from senior executives and board members…Cyber crime is best addressed in the context of the organization's overall risk management approach. That way, it becomes an item in the IT, security, and risk management budgets and on the agenda at management and board meetings.” (2)

Sourcing these reports, Secunia recommends that IT security measures such as Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment, and Patch Management should form an integrated part of the risk management process.

We hope you find the reports informative.

Stay Secure,

Maria Eriksen Jensen
VP Business Development & Marketing


1. Source: Deloitte Report. ‘The future of Security: Evolve or die'. 2011.
2. Source: Deloitte Report. ‘Cyber crime: A clear and present danger'. 2010.