Frost & Sullivan 2011 Report: Secunia Vulnerability Research

By Maria Eriksen Jensen

Following on from the great news of Secunia's new Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Penetration Leadership in North America, I am delighted to share with you the accompanying report on which the award is based.

To briefly recap on the report, here are some of the key factors that influenced Frost & Sullivan to select Secunia over several other competing companies:

  • "Frost & Sullivan believes that Secunia continues to be a major player in the vulnerability research market due to its diversity of products that provide best-in-class coverage, quality, and usability."
  • "Not only has Secunia contributed to the market's evolution and development, it has continued to show great strides in its vulnerability research and intelligence."
  • "Secunia's invaluable vulnerability intelligence is the core that drives its competitive edge within the industry and fuels its continued innovation."
  • "Secunia focuses in on developing its products around providing value-added tools for its customers to educate them on, and help them with, eliminating vulnerabilities in software in their IT infrastructures."
  • "Built for customization, the Secunia VIM optimizes security processes to ensure that all assets on an organization's network are protected from vulnerabilities, and allows for pre-emptive alerting on software, even pre-patch. This ensures that organizations can take corrective actions and close the window of exploitation."

At Secunia, we are always immensely honoured to receive a Frost & Sullivan award – our second in a row!

To download the Frost & Sullivan Report on Secunia for 2011, click here:

I hope you find it an interesting read.

Stay Secure,

Maria Eriksen Jensen
VP Business Development & Marketing


NOTE: To celebrate the award, Secunia offers all companies who are currently using free sources to collect vulnerability information a free 30-day trial of the company's Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM).

Apply for the free trial here.