Secunia cares

By Thomas Zeihlund

Of course you knew……..Secunia actually cares – not only for our employees, but also for all the stakeholders around Secunia (employees, customers, the community, shareholders, governments, the environment, etc.). As a solid company in one of the richer parts of the world, we believe that it is our duty to contribute in situations where people in other parts of the world are suffering from circumstances that are outside of their control. And we know that even small contributions can make a difference.

On Saturday, 27th August, we had the pleasure of showing that Secunia also cares in other aspects. Last week there was a national collection of money to help the victims of the hunger catastrophe in Eastern Africa, and through a big show on national TV, more than DKK 100 million was collected on Saturday.

Secunia of course took part in this and donated DKK 200 per employee (as of September 1st) or in total DKK 25.200 to AFRIKA NU!

Read more about the collections at (information also available in English) and Afrika Nu!

Have a great day!

Thomas Zeihlund

Interim CEO