SC Magazine: 5-Star Rating for Secunia CSI!

SC Magazine has just released their annual test of vulnerability assessment tools and it is a great pleasure to see that the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) has been awarded the highest ‘Overall rating' – 5 stars!

SC Magazine specifically highlights the Secunia Vulnerability and Advisory Database as well as Secunia's unique application scanning technology as key strengths; which together, form the core foundation of the Secunia CSI.

Secunia's world-class research team is highly dedicated to always providing vulnerability intelligence (VI) that is second to none in terms of reliability, comprehensiveness, and trustworthiness; and we are therefore delighted and proud to see that SC Magazine has recognised their efforts. This recognition – as well as the fact that Secunia's vulnerability intelligence is referenced and used by leading organisations worldwide – clearly shows that it pays off to be dedicated and innovative, and to always challenge the status quo to consistently raise the bar.

SC Magazine also stated that the Secunia CSI has an organised layout, and that it is easy to navigate around the interface as well as configure scans. In addition to this, they highlighted the fully customisable dashboard, which offers multiple options and provides a clean overview of previous scan information and historical data. With the launch of the fifth generation of the Secunia CSI, Secunia's development team has worked diligently to further enhance the user experience and to make the solution even more intuitive to use. It is therefore wonderful to see that SC Magazine has also recognised these efforts by rewarding the Secunia CSI with their highest rating – 5 stars – for both ‘Performance' and ‘Ease of use'.

According to SC Magazine, “Secunia Corporate Software Inspector provides full application vulnerability scanning that is always updated and ready to go to ensure solid security among all applications throughout the enterprise environment.”

If you want to see for yourself why SC Magazine has given us these top-level commendations, then I encourage you to try out the Secunia CSI (click here for a trial).

With the above information in mind, as well as taking into consideration that the documentation and support provided by Secunia also received the highest ratings, I am confident that you will like what you see.

To read the product review in full, visit SC Magazine here.