For the sixth time Secunia’s appointed fast running Gazelle in Danish business life

By Maria Eriksen-Jensen, VP of Business Development and Marketing

For the sixth time in our 10 year history, the Danish financial newspaper Brsen appoints Secunia as Gazelle company. This puts Secunia in a fine group of companies who show outstanding financial performance.
We're really proud to receive this recognition of our efforts. It's a welcome and visible proof that our strategy is sound, and that our business is healthy.

This past year we've grown 183%, seen a substantial increase in the number of employees, and in Q4 we will reach a milestone with the opening of Secunia's regional HQ in the US, in Minneapolis, MN.
The future's looking just as bright as our past, and I am confident that we will move on to new victories in the years to come.

Brsen has handed out the award since 1995. Only 11 businesses on the Gazelle 2012 list have been appointed Gazelles 6 times or more (two businesses eight times, one business seven times and eight businesses six times).

Thank you, Brsen.

Stay Secure,

Maria Eriksen-Jensen
VP of Business Development and Marketing