Secunia participates at OTA’s Online Trust Forum

By Maria Eriksen-Jensen, VP of Business Development and Marketing

Secunia applauds OTA's efforts to make end users confident about using the internet

We're really happy to receive this recognition of our membership of the OTA steering committee.
We're really happy to receive this recognition of our membership of the OTA steering committee.

Time flies – and… I am very proud that Secunia has been a member of OTA – the Online Trust Alliance – steering committee for 3 years now, and for the past couple of days I've participated in OTA's Online Trust Forum in San Jose, California.

Being in San Jose is a great opportunity to catch up with the community, industry peers and be inspired by interesting keynotes from thought leaders in both private and public sectors. It's the perfect place for Secunia to be present.

The title of this year's forum is The Future of Online Trust & Self-Regulation and a lot of the conversations have revolved around botnet detection.

For Secunia to take part in the work to create a safer online universe, for consumers and companies alike, is very relevant – we want to join the industry in speaking up for the consumer and promote online security. That is also why we make our end user tool – the Secunia
Personal Software Inspector (PSI) – available for free for consumers.

The Internet is a shared resource, and businesses and consumers alike have a shared responsibility to make it safer and to make life as difficult as possible for cyber criminals everywhere.

One of the very central threats in regards to this years OTA topic is ‘botnets'- this is an area were the security industry needs to work as an ecosystem to develop and implement efficient and effective ways of dealing with botnets. This was an unambiguous conclusion from one of today's session. Thursday, a full workshop on botnets will be taking place, and Secunia will be present. In my opinion, the botnets are the ‘end result' – we need to focus on the ‘enabler' and here, vulnerabilities play a significant role. And therefore an area where the Secunia PSI becomes relevant when considering private online security.

At Secunia we are happy to share some of our expert knowledge and our software with all those users who can't just call the internal IT department for help and advice. We take what we know about software vulnerability and offer it to you as a free tool, making an effort to make the program as user-friendly as possible, with a straightforward interface and in a variety of languages.

Together I hope we can make the Internet a lot safer for you, me, and the legitimate businesses and life a little bit harder for the bad guys.

Stay Secure,

Maria Eriksen-Jensen

VP of Business Development and Marketing